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Vietnam database the information for any people

Thảo luận trong 'Rao vặt Tổng hợp' bắt đầu bởi th0036, 14/1/18.

  1. th0036

    th0036 Member

    Tham gia ngày:
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    Điểm thành tích:
    Vietnam database the information for any people
    You need a database for carry out marketing plan and do research. You want to get the reliable
    data resources about some large company and organization. Contact Vietnamdatabase.net now,
    you will quickly get all data you need to complete your task fluently.
    Vietnamdatabase.net has more than 7 years working in database collection. We also do research
    to know which info is the most important and often use when doing business. Vietnamdatabase
    collect the data from trustful sources. All information is carefully select from many
    organizations. In addition, our data is often updated to give the best support for your task and
    your job.
    Each day there are thousand people searching for the reliable database in Vietnam data. They all
    said that Vietnam data is the best sources for their job. These info help them to solve their
    problem or even give them suggest to broaden market share.
    The variety database resources
    Vietnam database have full data for marketing and research. Most of them are important data that
    use internal only such as: List 10000 full data of director and top manager in HCM City, list
    5000 customer of Nguyen Kim Electric Centre, list of 5113 VIP Customer had real Estate
    Property in Phu My Hung and List 5130 Customer own a Toyota, Mercedes Cars in Phu My
    Hung…We also have list 127000 student of Duong Minh Language School, List of people
    Learning Japanese at the Dong Du Japanese Language Center Vietnam… Those are contains all
    information of member includes: name, sex, email, phone number and address…
    We available thousand databases that relate to your job and your study. These data will totally
    support your work. It might help you clearly know your customer demand to approach with your
    potential customer.
    The quickly and easily access
    Instead of spend most your time and money to collecting info yourself. Vietnamese information
    gives you the right to access all by log in and buys the database you need immediately.
    All info is at best price for you. Each database will take the price from 3$ to 10$. The price
    might depend on the content and the detail of the data. We ensures that you haven’t to pay any
    supplementary fee while download our info. Just one paid for all you might get the database you
    need. The database will be hand over right behind you pay for it.
    If you compare this price with the effort and the time you spend on collecting all date yourself,
    you might see that Vietnamdatabase is the best choice for you. Just three or five minutes you will
    get the data instead of spend a month or a year to finish and collect that info.
    Fully support to customer

    When you visit Vietnam information you will get fully support while searching and buying our
    data. You can contact us anytime to get detail info. Besides that, if you feel something go wrong
    or feel difficult to access and get the data. We will conduct you how to take each step you and
    help you know clearly about the database you choose.

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